June 8-13, 2021
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"Communities evolve and are defined by the water nearby. Dance is an embodied practice of community-building and also evolves with the shifts of a community. Both water and movement can be the place for communities to learn: foster new understandings and behaviors."

2021 Global Water Dances

It Starts With A Splash, And Ends in a Wave!

The team at DanceCircus invites you to represent Milwaukee in a global Splash Mob, to be performed and filmed on Saturday, June 5th at 2 pm (hint beautiful plaza near water). Sign up now! Receive a short video tutorial of the Splash Mob. Learn and practice. Arrive at the secret location. Join a community of people around the world moving together in recognition of our most precious resource. Stay updated on Global Water Dance performances and community events from around the world by following us on social media @turbulenceproject. 

Questions? Email Betty at 

Global Water Dance at the Parklawn Community Resources Fair

On June 12 at 1 pm, DanceCircus will perform at the Parklawn Community Resources Fair in partnership with the Northwest Side Community Development. The event is free and open to the public. Learn more here.

DanceCircus Benefit

On June 13 at 2 pm, DanceCircus invites you to celebrate with communities around the world the close of Global Water Dance Week. Did we mention it's DanceCircus Artistic Director Betty Saluman's birthday? Save the date.