Restore the Earth 2021

Climate change is not just the increasing number of forest fires or even the smoldering underground fires in the Arctic tundra;

it’s not about cleaning plastics – and glitter—from every waterway in the world;

it’s not about lowering carbon emissions in the air;

it’s not about deforestation.


Climate change is really about what we are willing to GIVE to restore the earth.

So, what are you willing to GIVE to restore the earth?


Restore the Earth 2021 is a video collaboration featuring DanceCircus in the North Storm Water Basin. Dancers engage four areas in the Basin while embodying the four elements; fire, water, air, and earth.

Choreography Betty Salamun

Videography Dan Boville


Chancie Cole

Steven F. Hunter 

Nekea Leon 

Kho Lor

Erica Meier

Emily Olson

A.J. Poppins

Betty Salamun

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Special thanks to the Northwest Side Community Development Corporation for providing access to the Storm Water Basin

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